What We Believe

  • All kids deserve access to safe, quality, and well-funded public schools.
  • We believe our Board of Education should balance their expertise and judgement with fact-based data and input from parents to arrive at decisions made in the best interests of students. Grandville Public Schools has a system of checks and balances in place to ensure that our curriculum and policies are in line with those of other districts in our state.
  • Grandville Public Schools Board of Education members are elected by citizens of the Grandville school district to serve all our children and schools.
  • Teachers have the power to positively affect a student’s life and future. The expertise and training teachers bring to the classroom is valuable and teachers deserve respect, resources, and support from school administration and the community.
  • The Board of Education should keep Grandville families well-informed by operating with full transparency and through ongoing communication, open and recorded meetings and public-facing meeting minutes.
  • The Grandville Public Schools Board of Education should fulfill its outlined duties as a governing board, focused on district operations (and not functioning as a managing board).
  • Political sectarianism does not have a place on our school board or in our schools. Political sectarianism is when groups consistently focus on dominating what they see as the abhorrent supporters of the opposing party instead of focusing on the merit of ideas.
  • Parents and caregivers deserve to have a voice and be heard alongside the expert judgment of principals, teachers, and administrators, however they should not decree what entire student bodies and school districts can and cannot learn, read, and do. Thoughtful and constructive dialogue between families and educators is the best possible way for us to move forward.
  • Our board should represent the entire GPS community, which consists of families with a variety of political beliefs and faith backgrounds.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Contact us for the latest on the Grandville Board of Education recall, as well as other issues impacting our students, faculty, and staff in our district.