What does a school board member do?

The school board is a team with a common purpose, working together to achieve clearly identified goals.They are a liaison between professional educators and the community they serve. Their three primary responsibilities are:

    1. Hire the superintendent
    2. Set curriculum for the district
    3. Make financial decisions.

The National School Board Association identifies these roles of the school board:

1. Setting the direction by establishing a clear vision with high expectations for quality teaching and learning.

2. Ensure accountability for student achievement.

3. Establish structure through policy and guidelines.

4. Demonstrate community leadership by interacting with the community and sharing concerns.

5. Develop positive relationships with each other as well as the superintendent.

A School Board Member Should:

1. Be motivated by and focus on what is in the best interest of all students.

2. Believe in the importance of and actively engage in lifelong learning.

3. Understand and respect both the authority and responsibilities of the board of education.

4. Approach school governance with a spirit of inquiry.

Within these guidelines for the role of school board trustee, members need to remember to avoid micromanaging by staying in your lane but keeping eyes open and hands off.

Members should provide clarity for standards, establish expectations, develop and approve a framework for improvement, show accountability, commitment to learning, inclusivity, stewardship, transparency, and vision.

Individual board members show empathy, regard for authority, civility, integrity, and are advocates for the district.

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