About Jason Heyboer

Jason Heyboer has been part of the Grandville Public Schools district for over 40 years as a student, coach, and parent. He currently has three children attending school in Grandville.

Jason currently works in Human Resources as the Manager of Talent Solutions for a West Michigan company with 2,800 employees. He is responsible for all hiring and developing relationships with local schools and universities to ensure students are prepared for the 21st century workplace.

Jason also coaches the GHS boys lacrosse coach, has been a Grandville Schools Building Committee Member, a Bond Proposal School Representative, and has volunteered for several other Grandville school events. 

“I will work to ensure every child is provided the same quality learning environment in every school in the district while providing our educators with the resources they need to prepare our kids for life after graduation,” Heyboer said.

“We will do this by maintaining our fiscally responsible approach while continuing to grow as one of the premier school districts in West Michigan.”

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