About Amy Gardine

collegeA Grandville resident since 2014, Amy Gardine was elected to the Grandville School Board in 2020.

Through the help of the Grandville Education Foundation, Mayor Maas, HOPE Gardens, our principal, staff, teachers, students and families, Amy was able to start a 12-tree orchard, an enormous garden, a greenhouse, and an outdoor classroom which is nestled in the wooded area behind South Elementary school.

Amy has teaching experience in ages from preschool to college, and received her Master’s degree in English in 2019. Her family has been involved with Grandville programs such as swim, water polo, football, lacrosse, cross country, wrestling, hockey, theater, robotics, orchestra, band, French Club, and Special Olympics. 

Amy was selected to be Grandville Citizen of the Year by the Grandville-Jenison Chamber of Commerce in 2019.


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